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When you need to engage with external contacts like your customers, business partners, or community members, managing the participants to invite can be painful. Manually looking into the list, and inviting the right people is not easy without a right reference and data about each person.

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Features _

Manage all from one place

Integrated webinar platforms

  • Custom event registration
    • Design your own registration form
  • Participants analytics
    • See when participants join and leave to understand the participants behaviours and interests
    • Speaking statistic to knows the most active participants
  • Reinvites previous participants to your next events
    • Reinvites participants from similar events or topics
  • Integrated meeting notes
  • Record webinars

Powerful Contacts Management

  • Advanced taggings
  • Meeting notes
  • Engagements history - events, 1on1 call, meetings

Smart scheduling -> calendy alternative

  • Google calendar integrations
  • Invite someone to find the right schedule to have a call

Use cases _

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