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Automate your video, audio, and data interactions with our real-time API

inLive Hub, a real-time interactive platform for multi-participants to exchange live video, audio, and data. Built on top of WebRTC SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) technology, you can use inLive hub to develop and automate online interactions like telemedicine, online class, or call center.

Why you will need inLive Hub?

Develop and managing your own WebRTC SFU server is too complex, from make it work behind router and firewall, handle reconnection and unstable network, or scale it to handle thousands of participants. inLive Hub is a real-time interactive platform that you can use to build your own real-time application without worrying about the infrastructure.

Learn more about why we build inLive Hub and how we design it on this blog post.

Possible use cases

  • Live conference room

    Create a secure conference room with a simple REST API and bring multiple participants together to interact in real-time with video, audio, or text.

  • AI assistant

    Connect a LLM (Large Language Model) with Voice To Text and Text To Voice to create a live AI bot that can interact with your participants.

  • Automate your conference room

    Use real-time events to automate your conference room, like record the participants attendance.

  • Smart monitoring and surveillance

    Create a smart monitoring system with real-time object detection, and trigger an action when a specific object is detected.

Core Features

  • The illustration of online room feature

    Online room

    Bring multiple participants to join an online room, and let them publish video, audio, data, or anything to other participants in the room.

  • The illustration of reliable connection feature

    Reliable connection

    Build in WebRTC feature to allow participants to interact in any network condition, even when switching networks.

  • The illustration of real-time events and data feature

    Real-time events and data

    Get all events in real-time through webhook and SSE (server-sent-event) HTTP request for your backend or frontend applications

  • The illustration of analytics and custom data feature

    Analytics and custom data

    Built-in room, participant, and stream analytics for your automation or add custom data to build a custom logic on top of it.