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Scaleable video live streaming with affordable cost

inLive Live Streaming API, a WebRTC to Dash/HLS live streaming API with up to 54% less cost compare with other similar services. Utilizing CDN networks, the video can be stream to million viewers in scalable and cost efficient way.

Why you will need inLive Live Streaming API?

If you want to host your own live streaming video outside platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitch but keep the cost lower, you will need a live streaming API to convert your video to Dash/HLS format and distribute it to your viewers through CDN to keep it cost efficient. Or if you like to have a broadcast quality focus live streaming where a slight delay is acceptable, inLive Live Streaming API is the right choice for you.

Possible use cases

  • Live shopping icon

    Live shopping

    Create the next live shopping experience. Build interaction and engagement features between customer and the host.

  • Paid per view video icon

    Paid per view video

    Protect your live streaming with encryption and authentication, and charge your viewers per view.

  • Online event icon

    Online event

    Extend your event with live streaming to millions of viewers, and protect the event live streaming only to paid participants.

  • Media broadcasting icon

    Media Broadcasting

    Broadcast your media content to millions of viewers with low latency and high quality video.


  • The illustration of secure video feature

    Secure video

    Protect your live video from unauthorized access with encryption and authentication.

  • The illustration of adaptive bitrate streaming feature

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Allow viewers watch the live streaming smoothly with any network condition.

  • The illustration of real-time events and data feature

    Real-time events and data

    Get all events in real-time through webhook and SSE (server-sent-event) HTTP request for your backend or frontend applications

  • The illustration of analytics and custom data feature

    Detailed analytics and custom data

    Built-in stream analytics and log to analyze your live streaming performance.