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To unlock the live streaming interactions beyond comments and likes

Before we started inLive, we saw that live streaming is starting to be more than just game stream, or live shopping. We saw that live stream is a new way to engage and interact with more people, in more scaleable way. But engagement and interaction should’nt stop at comments and likes, there should be more we can do in a live stream. Why not many startups build something around live streaming?

Problems in live streaming ecosystem

This the main question that we’re trying to answer, why not many startups or developers build something around live streaming and unlock more interaction beyond likes and comments? We know video industry is growing significantly during this pandemic, but mostly the innovation happens only in big companies like YouTube, Netflix, or Twitch. Not many startups really come with an innovation that able to create a new way to interact through a live stream.

We can’t take away our eyes about the live streaming potential in Indonesia. We talked with one of Indonesia tipping platform and we estimated that the total gross merchandise value (GMV) only in live streaming tipping ecosystem in 2021 is around IDR 13,5 billions/month. We believe more money is circulated outside the tipping platform, like in live streaming platform like Twitch.

Then we asked to several startups why they’re not create a live streaming feature, most of them will answer build a live streaming feature is too complicated and too costly to run the server. We understand the complicated part because not many developers build something around live streaming, and so many components will be involved like networks, video encoding process, and delivering the video through CDN. Have you ever broadcasting your own live streaming from your laptop and those laptop fans sounds even harder than the background music you play when you’re doing the live streaming? And it make you keep thinking that you need more expensive laptop to do your live streaming better? The same thing with live streaming server, it will need a high specification server to be able encode your live stream and deliver the video in low latency less than 10 seconds.

inLive is here as an infrastructure to help you develop your live streaming feature

That’s why we come with inLive, an infrastructure as a service to help you focus on the use case of your live streaming and forget the complicated part on the backend. We also want to make sure you can experiment freely on building your first live streaming app, so we provide you a free quota of our service. You don’t need to worry about getting expensive bills when no one watch your live stream. To make sure you can develop freely your live streaming without thinking too much about the cost, we’re developing our infrastructure to able automate the server so we can charge you only when you running your live streaming.

We still developing our pricing model because we want to make sure it won’t confuse you and ask you to calculate your cost estimation through a pricing calculator. We want to make sure that the cost is predictable for you, no shocking bills if suddenly your live streaming is getting populars. But hey, why not just start developing your live streaming app or build a live streaming feature in your current app while waiting our pricing?

A self-serving platform

inLive was started because the developer’s pain point. And just like other developers, we don’t like when it’s required to talk with a representative first just to try the platform. That’s why we’re focus on the developer experiences, we focus to help developers self-serving them self to develop a live streaming apps or features with our documentations and tutorials. We still working on this, we like to provide you a comprehensive guidelines on using our platform. No need to reach out to us to try our platform, but we’re very happy if you like to discuss or ask anything to help you use our platform.

Try inLive today

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