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Update Summary - May 2023

We launched inLive in February this year to make WebRTC live streaming more affordable and easier for everyone. Launching on Product Hunt taught us some valuable lessons. We realized the importance of having a clear value proposition to communicate the problem our product solves and show our product’s vision. Engaging with the community and responding to feedback was also crucial in building trust and useful product.

We learned a lot from that and committed to continuing to innovate and improve our product. After we’ve been listening to your feedback and brainstorming ideas, Today we’re thrilled to announce what we are working on and we are planning to develop next.


Beta release for WebRTC WHIP ingress

Our team has been hard at work developing a beta version of WHIP endpoint to follow the current working WebRTC WHIP ingress on OBS. We think this will be a game-changer for our users who want to take advantage of the latest WebRTC technology for their live streaming needs. Read how to use it in our documentation.

We’re considering to bring the Flutter-based client SDK for mobile development support

Additionally, we’re currently considering to create a Flutter-based client SDK to improve the mobile app development experience. We take advantage of the growing Flutter ecosystem that allows the developers build app for multiple platforms. We’re still exploring this thing, so feel free to have any request or suggestion about it.

Conference API (SFU)

In development, should be available as beta release in early July 2023

An SFU(Single Forwarding Unit) is allow multiple participants join through WebRTC in a same room and interact with each other. There are many options of SFU out there, but they’re still lack of some automation capabilities. Our main focus is to enable automation and data driven apps built around our SFU when providing an affordable cost with a fair pricing model.

Video Transcoding & Hosting API

In Planning

Our upcoming Video Transcoding & Hosting API feature is currently in the planning stage. We aim to optimize video performance by delivering smaller video sizes without compromising quality. Our service starts transcoding and preparing your video for playback as soon as the initial part is received from upload, so the video can be played almost immediately. We want to use our transcoding to help you save as much time and storage cost as possible when it comes to managing your video files.

What’s next?

That is all of our latest update for now and it’s only the beginning. We’ll start shipping new things and features like Live Shopping template, Live Event template, and more.

Also we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us anytime from whatever ways that are comfortable for you (Email, GitHub, Twitter). Your feedback is essential to us and we appreciate your help in making our product even better for you.

Try inLive today

Explore our documentation and SDKs to start integrating inLive API into your projects. Contact us to learn more about our product.