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InLive Launches Affordable Infrastructure To Help Developers Build Their Live Streaming App

Jakarta, 4 July 2022

InLive, the newest and most affordable live streaming infrastructure, announced the launch of its service made available for companies in Indonesia and beyond looking to maximize their live streaming efforts this July 2022.

Live Streaming since its inception has become an integral medium of reaching out to an audience, even more so during the pandemic. It allows for a person or a brand to build and maintain communication in real-time with any kind of audience. Existing in a virtual space, live streaming has no geographical boundaries which makes it possible to interact with people from all over the world. However, setting up a live streaming app comes with its fair share of complexities.

In order to eliminate such hurdles and simplify the process for the developer, InLive offers examples, documentation, and tutorials for developers to build their own live streaming applications. inLive focuses on developer experiences with the latest low latency streaming technology, affordable pricing, and no complicated server setup. inLive handles all the complex technical requirements while the developer can focus on building their app.

According to CEO Pangeran Siahaan, “there are many limitations in some of the popular live-streaming platforms, including on methods of interactions that may be carried out with the audience. But setting up your own live streaming platform, as we experienced it ourselves, proves to be a bit tricky, be it the complicated set up or the very expensive cost. We talked to many developers and realized that coming up with a solution is imperative,”

Knowing just how expensive live streaming and building a live streaming app can be, inLive’s pricing strategy is set to shake the industry. Changing the idea of having only big industry players being able to afford live streaming services. With its affordable pricing structure, even startups have an equal advantage in developing and setting up a live streaming app.

Yohan Totting, CTO of InLive, explained that, “to push the innovation in the live streaming industry, we need to make it accessible to everyone by making it more affordable. This way, indie hackers and small startups will come up with new ideas and unlock more use cases in live streaming.”

With no server setup and with no need of installation, InLive aims to help in developing a new live streaming experience for all to level up your live streaming game.

InLive is a subsidiary product of Asumsi.

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