Our mission

Make video and real-time communication technology more accessible

“We saw business transformation will slow down when a technology is not accessible and available locally”

In the future, physical interactions will be primarily reserved for personal and social purposes, while most other interactions will be conducted virtually.

Building a tele conferencing app is too complex

Building video conferencing apps remains complex and expensive for Indonesian startups and other developing countries. Most edutech and healthtech startups still depend on expensive global third-party solutions, this makes the technology is not available locally and limits the potential of the ecosystem. This limits the availability of skilled developers and engineers to implement the technology.

Escalating concern about privacy is a big deal these days

Your privacy matters. With inLive, you have full control over your data, analytics, and the privacy of your video calls.

You can create your own video call environment where you set the rules and protect your sensitive information. Whether it's safeguarding business discussions or maintaining personal confidentiality, inLive empowers you to have complete control over your interactions.

By having control of your data, you can gain insights from it using data analytics and data automation. This means you can personalize your video calls, make informed decisions, and improve your overall experience.

The team

We are a fully remote small team on a big missions

inLive is an engineering and value-driven team focused on delivering exceptional experiences for our users. Our in-house, real-time communication (RTC) technology allows us to fully customize our applications and APIs to perfectly match user needs.

We don't rely on third-party APIs that might limit our ability to serve you.

Beyond the software, we meticulously design our own servers optimized for specific RTC requirements. This meticulous approach grants us control over our infrastructure costs for accessible pricing for Indonesian businesses and developers.

Yohan Totting
Pangeran Siahaan
Ashar Setiawan
Designer & PM
Gagah Ghaniswara K.
Full Stack Engineer
Faiq Naufal
Front End Engineer